We are recognized for our unbeatable works of art delivered with care, at lightning speeds, and at prices that compete with conventional applications.

Old City Artists LLC understand not only the importance of quality work, but also the overall customer satisfaction during the entire painting process. They do exceptional work, and they are quick, knowledgeable, professional and straightforward. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a successful hand-paint experience.
— Director of Operations, TOTAL OUTDOOR
Old City is simply the best of the best! Erik and his team were thorough, efficient, and extremely responsive which made for a pleasant and successful hand-paint experience. Despite an extremely aggressive production timeline, OCA worked diligently to accommodate the rush while providing superior customer satisfaction. OCA handled all aspects of setup, installation, and clean up in the most professional manner while adhering to the Client’s budget and timeline. The final product was a gorgeous eye-catching panoramic mural for 365 Whole Foods, flawlessly executed by OCA.
Old City Artists LLC was amenable to our timeline, which was tight, and helped make for a successful re-opening of the historic Forum in L.A. They made the history of the Forum come alive with our mural of bands that once graced the stage, one hand-painted name at a time.
Marisol is one of the most respected graphics companies in the world, and it tells you something that we now bring in Old City Artists to hand-paint monster jobs that we would have previously tackled in adhesive vinyl. Not only are these guys the best artists in the world, but they function with the efficiency of a well-oiled machine - conquering the impossible with speed, grace, and professionalism. It sure makes my job easier knowing that these guys ALWAYS deliver and make Marisol look fantastic. Always.
— Senior Account Manager, MARISOL
The City of Coos Bay and friends of Steve Prefontaine discussed for over 20 years the desire to create a mural honoring the Oregon running legend and Coos Bay native son. The top priority for the mural was that it be done at the highest quality possible since anything less would not have done justice to his contribution to Coos Bay or the prominence of the mural in our city center. In 2016, the City staff finally resolved to get the mural project going and had the great fortune to have been referred Erik Nicolaisen and Old City Artists. Erik and his design team set about doing many renderings and compositions of Pre that were shared with our selection members. In only a few weeks, they produced an illustrated sequence of three stages of Pre’s Career and was able to get his team to Coos Bay to paint it. In a few days, they produced an exceptional series of murals that capture perfectly the images of Steve Prefontaine and which exhibit the essence of his persona. Old City Artists exceeded our incredibly high expectations, and quite simply, it was a wonderful experience for Coos Bay to have Old City as producers of our extraordinary mural
Having worked with a variety of muralists prior to finding Erik and Old City Artists, I found them to generally be unreliable, flighty, temperamental, and sometimes downright rude. Old City is just the opposite: They are professional at all times, trustworthy, conscientious, and treat your business as their own. Moreover, the quality of work created by Old City Artists was museum-caliber, and yet completed in an inconceivably short time, and on budget. If you are considering any type of professional, hand-painted art, I cannot more highly recommend Erik and Old City Artists LLC.
We hired Old City Artists to install an original Simpsons mural using a design created by Matt Groening and containing the most recognizable and tightly trademarked television characters in the world. Given the international interest in this installation, everything had to be perfect and Erik and the artists at Old City were incredible from the beginning of the process. Within an impossibly tight installation window, Old City recreated a challenging design that was perfect in every detail. They worked closely with city staff and Twentieth Century Fox representatives and were professional, respectful and trustworthy during every step. Not only are they the best artists in the business, they also graciously interacted with community members and made the mural installation an event with more than a thousand people stopping by the site to take photos and see these incredible artists at work. Old City finished the project on budget, ahead of schedule and with a final product that is flawless. If you have an opportunity to work with Old City Artists I recommend you make it happen.
— Communications Director, CITY OF SPRINGFIELD, OREGON